User Fees

Instrument Minimum charge
UW-Madison Ratea by Hour
Self-Use Training /Assisted
AFMb Half hour $80 $160
NTA Half hour $80 (BSL1) & #100 (BSL2) $160 (BSL1) & $200 (BSL2)
Zetasizer Half hour $15 $30
SPR One hour $40 $80
HPLC Half hour $30 $60


Single Peptide Setup* (Per Synthesis) (Crude) $170 $270
Single Peptide Setup* (Per Synthesis) (Purified#) n/a $470
Multiple Peptide Setup* (Per Synthesis) (Crude) $320 $420
Multiple Peptide Setup* (Per Synthesis) (Purified#) n/a $620

aExternal users please Contact Us for fees inquiry.

bUsers must supply their own probes.

*0.1 m mol for standard synthesis scale.

*Additional charges are applied as per amino acids are consumed ($170 for the first 10 amino acids and then +$20 for each next amino acid)

#Includes: Molecular Weight Determination (Per Sample), Vortex Evaporation Full Service (Per Sample), and Labor Charge

⃰ Peptide Synthesizer Training (60 min.) = 200

*For peptides longer than 25 residues or different synthesis scales, please contact us for pricing at